Tag: OpenCV

Vision Programming Interface (VPI)
Pothole Detection using YOLOv4 and Darknet
Automatic Document Scanner using OpenCV
2021: A Year Full of Amazing AI papers
Model Selection and Benchmarking with Modelplace.AI
PyTorch: Transfer Learning and Image Classification
Rethinking Space-Time Networks with Improved Memory Coverage for Efficient Video Object Segmentation
Introduction to Intel OpenVINO Toolkit
Human Action Recognition using Detectron2 and LSTM
HapticCV: SpatialAI & Haptic Stimulus Based Cycle Assistance
How to Calibrate Your Event Camera
PyTouch: A Machine Learning Library for Touch Processing
Generative and Discriminative Models
Face Alignment with OpenCV and Python
Face Recognition with Local Binary Patterns (LBPs) and OpenCV
Variational Autoencoder in TensorFlow
Face detection tips, suggestions, and best practices
Face recognition with OpenCV, Python, and dlib
OpenCV Haar Cascades
Depth perception using stereo camera
Contour Detection using OpenCV
Preprocessing a Dataset for Deep Fakes
Multi-template matching with OpenCV
Super Resolution in OpenCV
Improving Illumination in Night time Images
Install OpenCV on Windows – C++ / Python

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