Automatic Document Scanner using OpenCV

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Automatic Document Scanner using OpenCV

Automatic Document Scanner using OpenCV | LearnOpen

“Document Scanning is the process of converting physical documents into their digital form. It can be done by taking images either via a scanner or just your phone camera. We will discuss how to achieve this efficiently using Computer Vision and Image Processing techniques in this tutorial.

In the present day and age of computers, there is hardly any need for physical paperwork. Still, in the rare cases where physical documents are still required, it is necessary that we have a medium to convert them to digital documents. Thankfully for that, we don’t need the traditional hardware scanners anymore that take up a lot of space and are slow at processing documents.

There are numerous software solutions and apps available to do just that. With the power of computer vision, the process of going from a physical to a scanned document is not very different from pointing a camera at the document and clicking a pic. The speed and ease of use are the main advantages of such solutions, and they are available for computers and mobile devices.

Let us see how a simple OpenCV Document Scanner can be created using classical computer vision techniques, where the input will be an image of the document that we want to scan, and the expected output will be a properly aligned scanned image of the document…”



July 22, 2022
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