Introduction to Intel OpenVINO Toolkit


Introduction to Intel OpenVINO Toolkit

Introduction to Intel OpenVINO Toolkit | LearnOpenCV #

“Firstly, what is OpenVINO? OpenVINO stands for Open Visual Inference and Neural Network Optimization, and it does exactly what the name suggests. It optimizes our trained neural network models, so that we can very efficiently use them for inference.

The Intel OpenVINO Toolkit is an open-source tool that not only helps optimize Deep Learning models, but also develops solutions using these models, and ensures their quick deployment. That’s not all. Coupled with the optimized image and video-processing pipeline, the OpenVINO toolkit goes on to provide fast inference on the edge as well.

Okay, there’s one thing it does not do, that is support training of neural networks. But then, don’t we already have numerous good frameworks for deep neural network training? Also, it’s important to emphasize everything that OpenVINO Toolkit does, i.e., optimization and Deep Learning inference at scale, it does it the best…”


September 13, 2021
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