Face Alignment with OpenCV and Python


Face Alignment with OpenCV and Python

Face Alignment with OpenCV and Python – PyImageSearch

“Continuing our series of blog posts on facial landmarks, today we are going to discuss face alignment, the process of:

  1. Identifying the geometric structure of faces in digital images.
  2. Attempting to obtain a canonical alignment of the face based on translation, scale, and rotation.

There are many forms of face alignment.

Some methods try to impose a (pre-defined) 3D model and then apply a transform to the input image such that the landmarks on the input face match the landmarks on the 3D model.

Other, more simplistic methods (like the one discussed in this blog post), rely only on the facial landmarks themselves (in particular, the eye regions) to obtain a normalized rotation, translation, and scale representation of the face.

The reason we perform this normalization is due to the fact that many facial recognition algorithms, including EigenfacesLBPs for face recognitionFisherfaces, and deep learning/metric methods can all benefit from applying facial alignment before trying to identify the face…”

Source: www.pyimagesearch.com/2017/05/22/face-alignment-with-opencv-and-python/

May 10, 2021
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