AIGlobalLab specializes in custom-made AI solutions. We believe that the professional implementation of artificial intelligence technologies will solve many of the challenges facing businesses.
We have developed a process that allows, on the one hand, to achieve maximum results, and, on the other hand, to optimize the cost of developing and implementing solutions.

To start a project, just send us an example of data (Table 1) and a description of the business goals that you want to achieve. We will analyze the information and offer solutions. Thus, we begin development at the presale stage.

Development process

We use a flexible development process that allows you to:

  • Take into account changes in requirements during the project
  • Maintain development in working condition
  • Synchronize customer expectations

We achieve maximum involvement of customer’s specialists in the project implementation process.


We do not invent a bicycle. Therefore, we rely on a wide range of developed algorithms, libraries, services.

Data & Text analysis

BigDL, NTLK, spaCy, Fairsec, OpenAI, GLTR, BERT, MeTA

Image processing

OpenCV, OpenVINO, PIL/Pillow, libvips, SimpleCV, Mahotas, SimpleITK, Cairo, GraphicsMagick & etc.

Objects detection and recognition

OpenCV, OpenVINO, Dlib, PyTorch, Keras, Caffe, TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite, Torchvision, ML.NET, darknet/yolo/ImageNet

Voice recognition & audio processing

CMUSphinx, Sopare, Kaldi, VOSK, Google Voice, Microsoft Speech, Amazon Transcribe, Julius, eSpeak 

Embedded solutions

We use all the main development tools for embedded platforms: Keil, Qube MX, Atmel Studio, Atolic, IAR, Atom, Arduino, Visual Studio & more & more. We use custom development tools. Our developers have experience in creating user/kernel mode modules for Linux/Unix, MacOS, Windows Desktop/Server/IoT, *RTOS, QNX, OpenWRT, Tiny Android, mobile OS & more.

Table 1

Sample recommended data set volume for evaluation Size
Face detection 1000 frames
License plate recognition 1000 frames
Measuring the distance to the object 30 frames
Styled text generation 10Mb

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