Human Action Recognition using Detectron2 and LSTM


Human Action Recognition using Detectron2 and LSTM

Human Action Recognition using Detectron2 and LSTM | LearnOpenCV

“Human action recognition involves analyzing the video footage to predict or classify various actions performed by the person in that video. It is widely applied in diverse fields like surveillance, sports, fitness, and defense.

Let’s say you want to build an application for teaching Yoga online. It should offer a list of pre-recorded yoga session videos for users to watch. After watching a video on the app, users can upload the videos of their personal practice sessions. The app then evaluates their performance and gives feedback based on how well the user has performed the various yoga asanas (or poses). Wouldn’t it be great to use action recognition to automate the evaluation of the video? Well, there’s more you can do with it. Check out the video below.

The yoga application shown below uses human pose estimation to identify each yoga pose and identifies it is as one of the following asanas – Natarajasana, Trikonasana, or Virabhadrasana…”


August 11, 2021
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