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Universal Speech Model (USM): State-of-the-art speech AI for 100+ languages
Multilingual and Code-Switched Automatic Speech Recognition with NVIDIA NeMo
AudioLM: a Language Modeling Approach to Audio Generation
Virtual Assistants and Digital Humans on Pace to Ace Turing Test With New NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine
Building a Speech-Enabled AI Virtual Assistant with NVIDIA Riva on Amazon EC2
HuBERT: Self-Supervised Speech Representation Learning by Masked Prediction of Hidden Units
VDTTS: Visually-Driven Text-To-Speech
8 Popular NLP Methods & Libraries of 2022
Multilingual Spoken Words Corpus
High-performance speech recognition with no supervision at all
HuBERT: Self-supervised representation learning for speech recognition, generation, and compression
High-performance speech recognition with no supervision at all
WeNet: End-to-End Speech Recognition Toolkit
SpeechBrain: A PyTorch Speech Toolkit
Learning from videos to understand the world
Lyra: A New Very Low-Bitrate Codec for Speech Compression
A new open data set for multilingual speech research
Building an end-to-end Speech Recognition model in PyTorch
Scaling up online speech recognition using ConvNets – Facebook Research
Facebook taught its AI to speak math
Speech Toolkit
A PyTorch-based Speech Toolkit
Introducing Translatotron: An End-to-End Speech-to-Speech Translation Model

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