Optical Flow in OpenCV (C++/Python) | Learn OpenCV


Optical Flow in OpenCV (C++/Python) | Learn OpenCV

Optical Flow in OpenCV (C++/Python) | Learn OpenCV

“In this post, we will learn about the various algorithms for calculating Optical Flow in a video or sequence of frames. We will discuss the relevant theory and implementation in OpenCV of sparse and dense optical flow algorithms. We share code in C++ and Python.

What is Optical Flow?

Optical flow is a task of per-pixel motion estimation between two consecutive frames in one video. Basically, the Optical Flow task implies the calculation of the shift vector for pixel as an object displacement difference between two neighboring images. The main idea of Optical Flow is to estimate the object’s displacement vector caused by it’s motion or camera movements…”

Source: learnopencv.com/optical-flow-in-opencv/

January 27, 2021
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