GPU-Accelerated JSON Data Processing with RAPIDS


GPU-Accelerated JSON Data Processing with RAPIDS

GPU-Accelerated JSON Data Processing with RAPIDS | NVIDIA Technical Blog

“JSON is a widely adopted format for text-based information working interoperably between systems, most commonly in web applications. While the JSON format is human-readable, it is complex to process with data science and data engineering tools.

To bridge that gap, RAPIDS cuDF provides a GPU-accelerated JSON reader (cudf.read_json) that is efficient and robust for many JSON data structures. The JSON format specifies a general-purpose, tree-like data structure, and cuDF implements algorithms to easily transform the JSON tree into columnar data.

cuDF is a GPU DataFrame library for loading, joining, aggregating, filtering, and otherwise manipulating data in Python. When JSON data is structured as columnar data, it gains access to the powerful cuDF DataFrame API. We are excited to open up the possibilities of GPU acceleration to more data formats, projects, and modeling workflows with this reader…”


February 11, 2023
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