Face Recognition with ArcFace


Face Recognition with ArcFace

Face Recognition with ArcFace | Learn OpenCV

“Can we distinguish one person from another by looking at the face? We can probably list several features such as eye colour, hairstyle, skin tone, the shape of nose and eyebrows, etc. Some combination of such attributes will be unique to a particular person. Sometimes, people have visual similarities, and in rare cases, it becomes difficult to distinguish one from another.

Can we program computers to do this task automatically? If you enumerate all these features which describe personality and try to build a decision tree in an if-else manner, pretty quickly, there will be a combinatorial explosion of a variety of choices. So, we need more general representation instead of a list of specific features…”

Source: learnopencv.com/face-recognition-with-arcface/

February 3, 2021
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