A Deep Dive Into Machine Translation


A Deep Dive Into Machine Translation

A Deep Dive Into Machine Translation

“Google Translate works so well, it often seems like magic. But it’s not magic — it’s deep learning!

In this series of articles, we’ll show you how to use deep learning to create an automatic translation system. This series can be viewed as a step-by-step tutorial that helps you understand and build a neuronal machine translation.

This series assumes that you are familiar with the concepts of machine learning: model training, supervised learning, neural networks, as well as artificial neurons, layers, and backpropagation.

Before we start coding, we’re going to do a quick deep dive into how AI language translation works. If you’d prefer to skip the math and start writing code, you can skip ahead to Tools for Building AI Language Automatic Translation Systems.news…”

Source: www.codeproject.com/Articles/5299746/A-Deep-Dive-Into-Machine-Translation

April 15, 2021
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