State of AI Report: October 1, 2020


State of AI Report: October 1, 2020

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is a multidisciplinary field of science and engineering whose goal is to create intelligent machines.
We believe that AI will be a force multiplier on technological progress in our increasingly digital, data-driven world. This is
because everything around us today, ranging from culture to consumer products, is a product of intelligence.
The State of AI Report is now in its third year. New to the 2020 edition are several invited content contributions from a range
of well-known and up-and-coming companies and research groups. Consider this Report as a compilation of the most
interesting things we’ve seen with a goal of triggering an informed conversation about the state of AI and its implication for
the future.
We consider the following key dimensions in our report:
– Research: Technology breakthroughs and their capabilities.
– Talent: Supply, demand and concentration of talent working in the field.
– Industry: Areas of commercial application for AI and its business impact.
– Politics: Regulation of AI, its economic implications and the emerging geopolitics of AI.
– Predictions: What we believe will happen in the next 12 months and a 2019 performance review to keep us honest…”



April 24, 2021
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