PyTorch Foundation: A new era for the cutting-edge AI framework


PyTorch Foundation: A new era for the cutting-edge AI framework

“Since we partnered with the AI community to create the PyTorch framework for AI research six years ago, open collaboration has been essential to its success. With some 2,400 contributors who have built more than 150,000 projects on the framework, PyTorch has become one of the leading platforms for AI research as well as commercial production use. Today, we are excited to announce the next step for PyTorch: The project will transition to a newly launched PyTorch Foundation, which will be part of the nonprofit Linux Foundation, a technology consortium whose core mission is the collaborative development of open source software.

The PyTorch Foundation will boast a wide-ranging governing board composed of representatives from AMD, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Meta, Microsoft Azure, and Nvidia, with the intention to expand further over time. The board will prioritize the continued growth of PyTorch’s vibrant community, the driving force behind the project’s success. Releases, features, and technical direction will still be driven by the maintainers, committers, and contributors to the project. The creation of the PyTorch Foundation ensures that decisions will be made in a transparent and open manner by a diverse group of members for many years to come…”


September 30, 2022
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