Plastic Waste Detection with Deep Learning


Plastic Waste Detection with Deep Learning

Plastic Waste Detection with Deep Learning | LearnOpenCV

“With each passing day, the effect of climate change is becoming all too real. From hurricanes and wildfires to melting ice and rising sea levels, its impact keeps getting worse. We need to act urgently to prevent and reverse the damage.

Plastic pollution contributes enormously to the problem. We use 481.6 billion plastic bottles every year and only about 9% of them are recycled.

In this article, we’ll look at how computer vision can be used to identify plastic bottles. As a beginner myself, I won’t get into the details of each technology, but instead, I will share a variety of tools that helped me make the process much faster. The purpose of this article is to serve as a practical introduction to the high-level fundamental concepts of machine learning and computer vision. You only need a Google account and an appetite for knowledge and contribution to follow along…”


January 25, 2022
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