Looking Through Mojo Vision’s Newest AR Contact Lens


Looking Through Mojo Vision’s Newest AR Contact Lens

Looking Through Mojo Vision’s Newest AR Contact Lens

In March, Mojo Vision unveiled its latest AR contact lens. Still a prototype, the device has clinical testing and further development ahead before it can apply for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval needed to sell to consumers. But Mojo’s engineers are steadily ticking off engineering milestones.

Last week I got to literally peek through Mojo’s newest lens. Here’s what I saw, and what Steve Sinclair, Mojo senior vice president of product and marketing, had to say about the company’s progress so far and the challenges that remain.

First, the demo. I did not put the lens in my eye—this prototype is still in safety testing, and fitting a contact lens requires an eye exam. Instead, I held a lens very close to one eye and peeked through. I was able to move around freely, but because holding instead of wearing the device means that it cannot track eye movements, Mojo has temporarily incorporated a tiny crosshair into the user interface to help with alignment. The nature of the demo also meant that images I saw were flat; with a lens in both eyes, the images will appear in 3D…”

Source: spectrum.ieee.org/looking-through-mojo-visions-newest-ar-contact-lens

June 30, 2022
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