Intel Habana overtakes Nvidia in latest MLPerf results


Intel Habana overtakes Nvidia in latest MLPerf results

“Intel’s Habana has overtaken Nvidia in the latest MLPerf benchmark results, which has become the industry-standard set of benchmarks to compare AI accelerators. Although Nvidia has already announced its next-gen GPU, the results indicate that competition in deep learning training hardware is intensifying.

Intel acquired startup Habana in late 2019 for $2 billion, and late last year its first-generation 16nm Gaudi NPU (neural processing unit) went live in Amazon’s AWS cloud, claiming a 40% higher performance per dollar than Nvidia-based instances. However, since it was competing against the 7nm A100 from Nvidia, Habana mostly achieved its value by charging a lower price, not by beating Nvidia on performance.

This changed in May when Habana announced Gaudi2 on 7nm, which increases the number of tensor processing cores by 3x and offers up to 96GB of HBM2e. Habana claimed that it outperformed the A100, Nvidia’s leading two-year old data center GPU, by a comfortable margin. The launch came just in time to be included in the latest MLPerf results, which is the industry’s attempt at standardizing deep learning benchmarking…”


July 8, 2022
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