Google wants to build a useful quantum computer by 2029


Google wants to build a useful quantum computer by 2029

Unveiling our new Quantum AI campus

“Within the decade, Google aims to build a useful, error-corrected quantum computer. This will accelerate solutions for some of the world’s most pressing problems, like sustainable energy and reduced emissions to feed the world’s growing population, and unlocking new scientific discoveries, like more helpful AI.

To begin our journey, today we’re unveiling our new Quantum AI campus in Santa Barbara, California. This campus includes our first quantum data center, our quantum hardware research laboratories, and our own quantum processor chip fabrication facilities. Here, our team is working to build an error-corrected quantum computer for the world.

Google began using machine learning 20 years ago (for spell checking in Search), and led the deep learning revolution 10 years ago (advancing neural nets, the leading approach to modern AI). These advances in AI and other technologies have enabled many of the incredible applications we’re seeing today. As we look 10 years into the future, many of the greatest global challenges, from climate change to handling the next pandemic, demand a new kind of computing…”


May 20, 2021
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