DirectML Stable Diffusion


DirectML Stable Diffusion

DirectML ❤ Stable Diffusion – DirectX Developer Blog

“Text-to-image models are amazing tools that can transform natural language into stunning images. Stable Diffusion is particularly interesting: the base model can create images from text and, since it’s open-source, developers can customize it for their own needs and preferences. With some extra training, developers can fine-tune their model to generate images of any domain, subject, or style they want.

We are demonstrating what can be done with Stable Diffusion models in two of our Build sessions tomorrow: Shaping the future of work with AI and Deliver AI-powered experiences across cloud and edge, with Windows.

We’ve optimized DirectML to accelerate transformer and diffusion models, like Stable Diffusion, so that they run even better across the Windows hardware ecosystem…”


June 5, 2023
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